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The Exploration On Construction Of Risk Identification Method System For Taxation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001496


Jinrong Xie, Bing Wu

Corresponding Author

Jinrong Xie


In order to fully adapt to the current challenges and situation in China's tax source management, the State Administration of Taxation has put forward measures for the professional management of tax source, and made an in-depth exploration on the reform of new round of tax management system. Confronting the current tax work situation with risk management as the core, only by fully ensuring the scientific nature of the tax risk identification method system in China, can the tax management system reform in China achieve basic results. This paper explores the construction of tax risk identification method system, briefly summarizes the tax risk identification system, analyzes the tax risk identification level system, and puts forward some measures to build the tax risk identification method system for reference. Preface: The management work for tax risk can be further divide, which include risk response and treatment, ranking of risk level, tax risk identification and analysis, risk management goal and planning as well as performance evaluation and other aspect so as to explore the resources to be collected and managed to the maximum extent, as a result, the degree of compliance for tax will be effectively promoted and effectively defuse and control the tax risk. In the whole work for tax risk management, tax risk identification is a very important work, or even the core of the whole work for tax risk management. Only when the accuracy and scientificity of tax risk identification are fully guaranteed, can the efficiency and pertinence of tax risk management work be guaranteed. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to explore the construction of tax risk identification method system [1].


Tax Risk; Identification Method; Exploration Of System