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Discussion On The Development Of Film And Television Culture Under In New Media Era

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001498


Yuelin Hu

Corresponding Author

Yuelin Hu


In the era of rapid development of Internet technology, the Internet has been rapidly used in every field of the whole country, of course, in the era with the rapid development of Internet, new media technology is also gaining momentum for continuous development. The emergence of a new media serves as a very good role in promoting the development of film and TV. Besides, under the new media, film and television culture is developing faster. In this article, we will discuss the kind of promoting role does the new media play in film and television production and what kind of problem will come into being in the process of the integration of the two factors ,as well as how media has influence the spread of film and television culture. I have conducted some analysis and put forwarded suggestions on multimedia and film and television culture, hoping that China's film and television culture industry can develop better on the stage of new media. The emergence of new media undoubtedly promotes the development of film and television culture, which can be described as a cultural transformation and Cultural Revolution. After the development of new media, film and television culture has been injected with a large number of new blood, making the development of film and television culture to a new era. A new mode of this new media is integrated with film and television culture and, in this process, many problems are encountered. Of course, these problems will not fundamentally affect the development of film and television industry, but these problems should not be ignored. The previous transmission channels of film and television are relatively single, which leads to the failure of good development of film and television culture. That is to say, the emergence of new media makes it possible for film and television communication with a variety of channels.


New Media; Film And Television Culture; Direction; Transmission Development