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Museum Aesthetics For Troubled Juveniles

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001500


Lingfei Wei

Corresponding Author

Lingfei Wei


Taking museums’ collections as the main reference, we should conduct a comprehensive aesthetic education, including art, history, humanity, philosophy and other aspects, to the troubled teens so as to imbue them with beauty, correct their crimes and inappropriate behaviors, and help them regain the harmony of life. The main theme of this paper is to utilizing the unique advantages of aesthetic education to provide the troubled teens a more fathomable and intriguing means of rehabilitation, especially the education of aesthetic values found in museums, ("museum aesthetics" in short), and assist them to return to the society more smoothly. For young teens represent the future of the nation, it is also necessary to correct and prevent juvenile delinquency, thus, this paper puts forward a new way to educate the troubled teens, that is, developing a vivid education program that includes art, history, philosophy, psychology and other comprehensive courses based mainly on museums’ manifold collections.


Aesthetic Education; Museum Education; Troubled Juvenile; Adolescent Education