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Research On The Effective Path Of Integration Between Cultural And Creative Industries And Tourism Industries

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001501


Zhen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhen Zhang


In recent years, the cultural and creative industry has received extensive attention, and the relevant policies related to the cultural and creative industry have been adjusted by the country with the purpose to promote the development of the cultural and creative industry.We should probe into the existing cultural resources in the region, re-positioning the development ideas, adjust the regional economic structure, form a new development model so as to expand the market scale of the cultural and creative industry.Rich and colorful cultural and creative resources have gradually become new tourism elements, such as performing arts, visual arts and so on, which become choice of people for travel and leisure.China's tourism industry is developing with prosperity, the development of basic tourism resources seems to be gradually saturated, as a matter of fact, the development of tourism has encountered a new bottleneck, which requires the in-depth exploration of new resources to get rid of the bottleneck of resource-endowment tourism.The integration of cultural creative industry and tourism industry come into being in response to the proper time and conditions. Cultural creative industry and tourism industry are naturally coupled. This paper takes Quanzhou city as an example to explore the integration path of cultural creative industry and tourism industry through quantitative analysis. At present, cultural creativity has been give top priority in global tourist industry with infrastructure and service method characterized with rich cultural innovation. There are relatively more researches on industry integration, tourist industry and cultural and innovative industry, however, less attention is attached to the research on the integration of cultural and innovative industry and tourist industry. Though the relative researches are more engaged in, the researches are conducted not systematically. From the perspective of all industry chain, Pan Jianming and others discussed the integrative mechanism and implementation paths of tourist industry and cultural and creative industry in Hunan Province and held that the internal motivation of the integration of tourist industry and cultural and creative industry is the pursuit of benefit, the change of the needs in consumption. Besides, the extrinsic motivation is the guidance of the market, advance and innovation of technology as well as the back from the governments. He proposed that creative talents should be give top priority and more efforts can be made in marketing. Taking Chengdu, Sichuan province as an example, Zou Yun analyzed the integration and development mechanism of tourism industry and cultural and creative industry, and proposed that the reasons for the integration of tourism industry and cultural and creative industry in Chengdu include increasing government support, intensifying market competition, technological progress and changing market demand. According to Chunfeng Li and others, cultural creativity and taste are the top priorities for tourists. Ta-an Hung et al. believe that the existing cultural and creative tourism models have not been developed to fully exploited the economic effects brought about by the integration of tourism products and creative industries.


Cultural And Creative Industry; The Tourism Industry; Industrial Integration; Paths