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Changes Of International Economic Law Based On The Environment Of Low Carbon Economy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001503


Lei Wang

Corresponding Author

Lei Wang


As a new kind of economic form, low carbon economy is characterized with many prominent advantages of low energy consumption, less pollution and emission with high-efficient development of energy and utilization in place, which has lead to its popularity among various industries for development. This paper holds the discussion on the practical changes of international economic law based on the low carbon economy against the background of economic globalization and analyzes the relationship between international trade law and the trading environment of low-carbon economy, the real impact of low-carbon economy on international tax laws is taken into consideration. Against the background of the continuous growth of the global economy, environmental problems caused by the utilization of energy use have become increasingly prominent. Correspondingly, "Low-Carbon Economy" emerges in response to such condition, which will also arouse more issues related to international economy and laws and thus attracting wide attention of the international legal community. In the process of in-depth study of low-carbon economic environment, it is necessary to deeply understand the influence and change of international economic law based on low-carbon economic environment[1].


Low-Carbon Economic Environment; International Economic Law; Economic And Trading Environment; Relationship; International Tax Laws; Impact