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Study On The Influence Of Post-Reading Writing On The Emotional Factors Of Non-English Majors' English Writing

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001507


Huamei Jiang

Corresponding Author

Huamei Jiang


This study conducted an empirical study on post-reading writing(Continuation task) from the perspective of writing emotion, aiming to explore whether post-reading writing can effectively reduce the writing anxiety of non-English majors and improve their writing ability and confidence. The participants of this study were Non-English major sophomore students in a university locate in the northwest region. The study lasted 12 weeks, including the pre-test and post-test. The validated emotion questionnaire was the main instrument in the two tests. After the experiment, two emotional scores were analysed and compared to explore the changes of students' writing emotion. The experimental results show that most of the students' writing anxiety and lack of confidence have been relieved, their self-confidence have been improved, and they have a positive attitude towards the teaching of writing after reading in English writing classes. This study also shows that English writing should transfer the attention from the text to the writing subject and pay more attention to the student subject.


Continuation Task; Non-English Major; Emotional Factors; Post-Reading Writing