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Research On Informatization Application In New Urbanization Construction Under The Background Of Big Data

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001509


Tiezhu Sun

Corresponding Author

Tiezhu Sun


Under the background of big data, there is a relationship between the development and construction of informatization and new urbanization. As an important direction and road of modernization development, urbanization construction has become an important basic node for solving urban-rural integration. The purpose of this article is to analyze and analyze the application of informatization in the construction of new urbanization in the context of contemporary big data. This article adopts the literature analysis method and comparative analysis method, and conducts reasonable classification, sorting and analysis by referring to the relevant books, reports, papers and other materials of "New Urban Informatization Applied Research". Use comparative analysis to analyze and analyze the difference and connection between "traditional urbanization" and "new urbanization", and collect similarities and differences between urban households and rural households in life habits, ideology, etc. Provide information for new urban informatization application analysis. Experimental research results show that in the stage of new urbanization construction, the application of informatization has become an important foundation for the development of informatization, and the scientific and rational use and analysis of information has become the key guarantee for the comprehensive development of new urbanization.


Big Data; New Towns; Information Applications; Town Construction