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The Current Situation And Existing Problems Of Domestic Garbage Classification In Harbin

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001511


Chuanli Wei, Ge Song

Corresponding Author

Ge Song


Based on the current situation of urban waste disposal in Harbin, For example, at the stages of delivery, transfer and end-of-life treatment. this paper analyzes the key issues facing the current urban waste disposal in Harbin at four levels: the formation of the waste classification life cycle, the policy basis, the participation rate of residents, and the government's incentives. It was found that the full life-cycle mechanism for waste separation failed to form, laws and regulations were inadequate, enforcement activities lacked a basis, and residents' waste separation Low participation rates, poor awareness, insufficient government incentives, and low market motivation.


Waste Separation; Environmental Protection; Incentives