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Intelligent Management Of Unbalanced Supply And Demand Of Information Technology Talents In Labor Market

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001520


Meng He

Corresponding Author

Meng He


With the development of computer science, many traditional managements are replaced by computer-based intelligent managements. The traditional talent market management technology is relatively backward and exists a variety of information asymmetry problems, leading to the imbalance of talent supply and demand. The modern talent market is moving towards the development direction of legalization, precision and modernization, and it is gradually entering the trend of intelligent management. Perfecting the intelligent management of talent market is an important means to realize the intelligence of human resource flow, and it also is the requirement of contemporary social environment to the talent market. In the labor market, there are serious problems of imbalanced supply and demand for information technology talents. This need to carry out a good management for the imbalanced situation of information technology talent resources in the labor market by combining the current intelligent system. This paper studies the Web platform intelligent management system. The three modules, server, program terminal and desktop program make up the platform system. This platform is customer-oriented and is designed as a platform to provide information exchange for job seekers and enterprises. It can provide more convenient and fast information technology for the labor market information management personnel, which can solve the imbalanced supply and demand problem of the labor market well, and ease the long-term information asymmetry problem in the labor market. Through the actual management practice, the reliability, accuracy and efficiency of the system are verified, which provides a reliable intelligent management technology for the future supply and demand of talents in the labor market.


Labor Market; Intelligent Management; Web Platform System; Information Technology Human Resources