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Exploration Of Computer Talents Training Under The New Economy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001524


Jian Huang

Corresponding Author

Jian Huang


Through the integration of computer professional curriculum system for computer system ability training, in order to enhance practice. And innovation ability as the core, from the reconstruction and optimization of curriculum system, through the integration of knowledge structure and "multi-level + integration". Comprehensive practice platform construction three aspects of research and practice, will be related to the computer principle, computer System structure, computer operating system and data structure and other core professional courses are organically integrated. The knowledge structure is optimized to form a compound, systematic and comprehensive curriculum system. Practice has proved that. Since the implementation of the curriculum system, through effective research-based teaching reform, students' practice and innovation have been greatly improved. The new ability has important research and application significance to improve the quality and level of computer professional training.


Through Integration; Computer Science; Curriculum System; Practical Innovation; Personnel Training