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Research On Application Of Green Building Materials In Construction Of Civil Engineering

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001526


Ling Liu

Corresponding Author

Ling Liu


In the construction of civil engineering, the cost of traditional building materials is relatively high, and the safety performance is low. The carcinogens contained in some substances have been denied by the society. In the modern era when people's living conditions are improving, green building materials occupy obvious advantages. The materials are relatively more environmentally friendly, healthy, and in line with the actual needs of modern scientific development. Therefore, green building materials are gradually used in the construction stage of civil engineering. In this paper, the author first expounds the necessity of green building materials in the construction of civil engineering, then studies the problems in the use of green building materials, and finally analyzes its use strategies.


Construction Of Civil Engineering; Green Building Materials; Practical Application Research; Attention; Use Strategy