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Research And Application Of Performance Management System For Logistics Management Personnel Based On Capacity Core Management

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001527


Wenguang Su

Corresponding Author

Wenguang Su


Human resources are an extremely important resource for enterprises, especially the ability of managers is directly related to the sustainable and stable development of enterprises and the realization of strategic goals. Performance management system based on capacity core management is an important way to develop human resources and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. This paper conducts research on how to use performance management system to develop the potential of logistics management personnel, and proposes relevant suggestions and application measures to provide reference for relevant practitioners. Affected by the economic globalization, the competitive pressure of enterprises around the world has increased significantly. Human resource development has gradually become an important means for companies to improve their core competitiveness and top the list among similar enterprises. Logistics management personnel are an important part of human resources [1]. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a performance management system based on capacity core management to maximize the potential of personnel, and improve the company's management level, management efficiency and core competitiveness [2].


Capacity Core Management; Logistics Management Personnel; Performance Management System; Research And Application