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Research On New Development Mode Of Internet Consumer Finance In The Era Of E-Commerce

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001528


Xiaojia Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaojia Wang


Internet consumer finance is a credit service provided for consumption. It has the character0istics of wide coverage and low barriers to entry. With the rapid development of information technology, Internet consumption finance based on information technology has also been improved, and its service quality and service efficiency have been significantly improved. More and more consumers have recognized the application effect of Internet consumer finance. E-commerce platforms have risen rapidly in recent years, and they become the main force of Internet consumer finance and lead the development of Internet consumer finance in a new direction. This paper discusses the development of Internet consumer finance in the era of e-commerce, summarizes relevant new development countermeasures to seek benefits and avoid harms, so as to promote the development of our financial market. The emergence of e-commerce has caused a great impact on Internet finance. It is like a double-edged sword. It has brought a series of development problems while bringing on Internet consumer financial transactions [1]. We should take the initiative to understand the development status of Internet consumer finance on e-commerce platforms, summarize the existing problems and put forward improvement suggestions to maximize the value of e-commerce platform. Consequently, users can get more advantageous services, and promote the development of Internet consumer finance in the right direction .


Era Of E-Commerce; Internet Consumer Finance; Development Trend