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Experience——The Research Of Landscape Space Design Based On The Environmental Behavior-Studies

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001529


NanNan, Pin Liu , Zhen Teng and PeiGen Li

Corresponding Author



In this article, through the relevant theories of environment-behavior studies, it begins with the level of spatial experience, based on the Behavior Patterns and Humanistic landscape design, try to explore the city landscape space design strategy with human caring over sight experience and emotional memory experience As the aesthetic consciousness of landscape design has shifted from the aesthetic and aesthetic feeling of the image to the space experience and emotional care of the human subject, Sustainability has become a high frequency word and has attracted much attention. But do we really understand the meaning of sustainability? What should we do in solving a design problem? Even with good ideas, how can we grasp the lasting relationship between tourists' emotions and landscape Spaces?


Experience; Environment-Behavior Studies; Humanized Design