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Problems And Countermeasures Of Housing Expropriation And Relocation In Small And Medium-Sized Cities In Southern Shaanxi, China

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001530


Xingping Chen, Yuanpeng Ma and Zhirui Chen

Corresponding Author

Xingping Chen


Based on case analysis and literature research, these paper analyses eight major problems and their manifestations in the housing expropriation (relocation) on state-owned land in small and medium-sized cities in South Shaanxi, China. The eight major problems are: contradictions and conflicts caused by urban expropriation and relocation occur frequently and cause serious consequences; driven by interests, local government expropriation agencies instructor imply that the evil forces forcibly demolish and brutally treat the owners of houses; in the process of expropriation, political achievements collude with profits; expropriation lacks legitimacy and openness, compensation is not open and transparent enough, and the concealment is too strong; lack of perfect laws and regulations for expropriation; unreasonable price evaluation of housing expropriation compensation; the long period of requisition and relocation leads to the increasing cost of requisition and relocation; local governments illegally invite relevant companies to participate in the requisition and relocation. Finally, some suggestions are put forward.


Small and Middle-Sized Cities; Expropriation and Relocation; Nash Equilibrium