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Analysis Of Adult Mathematics Teaching Based On Stem Theory

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001533


Yuxiang Xu and Qijing Tan

Corresponding Author

Yuxiang Xu


In adult education, mathematics is a very important subject, especially for science and engineering majors, mathematics is a basic and important course, directly affect the study of other science and engineering courses. If you can’t learn math well, then it will affect the study of other courses. For adult mathematics teaching, under the macro environment of education reform, it is necessary to realize the innovative construction of teaching activities and reconstruct mathematics teaching based on STEM concept. Based on this, this paper firstly analyzes the connotation of SIEM education concept and its influence on adult teaching, then reflects on the existing problems in adult mathematics teaching, and finally proposes innovative measures and methods for adult mathematics teaching based on STEM concept for reference. Adult education is different from the ordinary full-time education of a form. Adult education is not limited by age and gender. It provides re-education services for people from all walks of life, so that members of the society can continuously improve their professional skills and enrich their theoretical knowledge, so as to continuously improve their comprehensive quality and keep up with the progress and development of the society. As a basic course in adult education, mathematics curriculum is of great help to the overall educational effect. Under the background of educational reform, adult mathematics teaching should also conform to The Times and construct a new educational model so as to improve the educational effect. In recent years, the concept of STEM education has become a new idea to guide the educational reform. Adult mathematics teaching needs to focus on the connotation of STEM ideas and make targeted innovations in teaching activities, so that educational activities can reach a higher level.


Adult Education; Mathematics Teaching; Stem