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A Study On The Musical Style And Performance Characteristics Of Chinese Zither Genre In Zhejiang

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001534


Weiwei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Weiwei Zhang


As a traditional plucked stringed instrument in our country, Chinese zither has experienced more than two thousand years of historical inheritance and development. Influenced by many factors such as regional environment, political economy, language culture and national folk custom style, it has formed various Chinese zither genres with different performance skills and different musical characteristics. In the following, through the melody and plate, musical style and performance techniques of Chinese zither genre in Zhejiang, the paper analyzes the formation reasons of the style of Chinese zither genre in Zhejiang, and explores the future development of Chinese zither genre in Zhejiang. Chinese zither, also known as “qin zheng”, is a plucked stringed instrument with a long history in our country. The earliest written records of Chinese zither are recorded in “knock tile instruments, clap thighs and play Chinese zithers” in the book of Li Si’s Jian Zhu Ke Shu in Records of the Historian. At the beginning, qin zheng was a plucked stringed instrument from the land of Qin.The description of Chinese zither can also be seen in Cao Zijian’s Kong Hou Fu in the late Han Dynasty. Therefore, it can be generally seen that Chinese zither has a long history, and spread in a wide range and field at that time, which laid a certain foundation for the development of different genres of modern zither.


Chinese Zither Genre; Zhejiang; Musical Style; Performance Characteristics