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Research On Coordinated Development Of Financial Support And New Urbanization In Guanzhong Region

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001535


Yuan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yuan Zhang


The development of new urbanization in Guanzhong Region has great potential, because of its strong industrial base, famous cultural heritage, dense universities and talents, better infrastructure and various resource advantages. This paper takes the new urbanization construction in Guanzhong Region as the research object. In this paper a new urbanization evaluation index system and financial support evaluation index system are constructed, and then panel data for the core cities of Guanzhong Region in 2008-2017 are measured. What’s more, the coupling coordination of financial support and new urbanization construction in Guanzhong Region is analyzed. And then, it can be seen from the estimation results of fixed effect model that financial support has a positive effect on the new urbanization construction in Guanzhong. The results show that the development scale and efficiency of rural finance are helpful to promote the new urbanization in Guanzhong Region. Finally, the research puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions of financial support to further promote the new urbanization construction in Guanzhong.


Financial Support; Guanzhong Region; New Urbanization; The Coupling Coordination