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Research On The Performance And Musical Features Of Pi Huang

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001536


Zhangchi Zuo

Corresponding Author

Zhangchi Zuo


With the popularization of piano, many music works blending the west and the east have appeared in China, and they have also been praised by both home and abroad, which has opened up a new field for the development of Chinese music. Pi Huang is a piano piece with distinctive Chinese characteristics written by the famous Chinese composer Zhang Chao. When Pi Huang was created, the main reference element was Peking Opera, which was fully integrated into the piano music to realize the combination of Chinese and western musical elements. Therefore, its market acceptance is relatively high and it is loved by many Chinese and western players. This paper first introduces the author of Pi Huang and related overview, meanwhile analyzes its performance skills and musical characteristics in depth.


Pi Huang; Piano Music; Music Features