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Research On Brand Promotion Strategy Of Shaanxi Cuisine Based On Tourists’ Perception

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001538


Qihong Tan and Xiaoli Liu

Corresponding Author

Qihong Tan


Tourism catering is not only an important tourism resource of tourism destination, but also an important part of tourism reception industry in tourism destination. Tourism catering brand construction and promotion has become an important part of the development of tourism reception industry. This paper constructs the evaluation index system of “Shaanxi cuisine” tourism catering brand perception, and conducts a survey on tourists’ perception. It is found that the brand awareness, reputation, variety richness, innovation, health, quality of soft and hard products and brand promotion need to be improved. It is proposed that “Shaanxi cuisine” should be taken as an important part in tourism destination marketing to promote and guide tourists “Shaanxi cuisine” tourism catering enterprises should keep up with the times, develop new products, and provide high-quality software and hardware products for tourists, win good reputation and improve tourists’ satisfaction; and deeply integrate “Shaanxi cuisine” culture with tourism development, so as to make “Shaanxi cuisine” become an important part of tourism resources and tourism reception industry. As an important part of the tertiary industry, catering industry has been attached great importance by local governments. At present, tourism has become the pillar industry of many provinces and cities in China, and all regions are vigorously promoting the development, transformation and upgrading of tourism industry. Under the background of global tourism development, the integrated development of catering industry and tourism has become a development mode. Local cuisine and food culture itself is tourism resources, which has become an important tourist attraction in tourism development, attracting many tourists to come to experience. The local catering industry not only provides tourists with convenient travel life, but also meets the diversified needs of tourists. However, the competition among tourism destinations is becoming increasingly fierce, and all regions are committed to various tourism development and publicity. With the aggravation of market competition, the role of brand has become increasingly prominent, and people are more and more aware of the important role of brand in tourism development. And the brand competition from the beginning of tourism resources, tourist attractions, and tourism destination image competition extended to the local catering brand competition gradually. The construction and promotion of local catering brand in tourism destination has become an important part in the development of global tourism.


Tourism Catering; Brand; Promotion; Shaanxi Cuisine