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Connotation Analysis And Development Strategy Of Cultural Endowment

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001543


Yongyan Zhao, Jiajia Yang

Corresponding Author

Yongyan Zhao


The intensification of population aging requires the generation of suitable old-age care models. The connotation of cultural endowment must not only advance with the times, but also seek breakthroughs in the times. Cultural endowment is a new old-age care model that can show traditional culture and contemporary humanistic care. Cultural endowment must play the leading role of the government and vigorously promote cultural endowment; take the government as the guide to build a cultural endowment platform; take the family as the core and integrate cultural endowment awareness; use the community as the fulcrum to enrich the cultural endowment content; use the society as a link to build culture endowment environment.


Cultural Endowment; Cultural Life; Development Strategy