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A New Vision To View Contemporary China: The Wealth Gap And Digital Capital Under The Materialism And Surplus Value Of Marxism

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001545


Zongye Jiao, Min Qi,Yuntao Jin

Corresponding Author

Zongye Jiao


Marxism provides an excellent perspective on studying the digital economy and the gap between rich and poor in China. Its Surplus Value and Materialism provide the methods that can be employed to reveal the nature of the digital economy. In a word, conventional wisdom holds that a digital economy dependent on advanced technology generally leads to massive unemployment and serious income inequality among people. However, employing surplus value and materialism can detect the nature of the digital economy, exploring that the transport process under the online trading goods is accompanied by a large number of traditional industry's participation. This means that the digital economy boom also leads to the prosperity of various other industry,mainly labour-intensive, so the unemployment rate is still controlled, and the gap between rich and poor is also controlled. However, in the era of digital economy, those industries that have no connection with the digital economy or do not rely on the existence of the digital economy will face great survival pressure, and the digital economy will lead to serious geographical gap, which are the two major side-effects of the digital economy. This fact also provides a perspective on viewing contemporary China and helps answer a number of questions from China, as a typical example of the digital economy over the world.


Transport Process; Traditional Economy; Employment; Consumer; Political Economy