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Applied Study Of Online-Offline Interactive Teaching Method In Classroom Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001551


Jun Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jun Zhao


As educational business continues to develop in China, the requirements for students in various aspects become more and more. In actual teaching process of students, the application of teaching methods gradually receives extensive attention from teachers and parents. Thus, a series of active and effective measures should be adopted, and the teaching mode should be changed to enhance students’ learning effect, thus improving students’ comprehensive quality and ability, changing their bad habits and facilitating their long-term development. The online-offline teaching method is widely applied in current teaching, and has prominent advantages. It can promote students’ learning efficiency and effect. This paper summarizes the online-offline teaching method and discusses the problems in current classroom teaching to provide relevant reference for relevant sectors.


Interactive Teaching; Classroom Teaching; Applied Research