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Research On The Application Of Online-Offline Combined Teaching Mode In College Basketball Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001552


Shoujun Liu

Corresponding Author

Shoujun Liu


As science and technology develop constantly and Internet technology continues to mature, an interactive online-offline combined learning development mode has gradually been established, which plays very important role in promoting lower education. Internet is interactive and universal online with no basketball basis cannot achieve effective effect in basketball teaching because there is no learning way suitable for students to change the inherent stereotyped learning so as to achieve adaptable learning and enhance learning efficiency. Using customized learning methods can be well reflected in online education, which is also crucial for college sports reform. Through expert interviews, literature reviews and other research methods, this paper discusses the application effects of online-offline interactive teaching mode in college basketball teaching. By extending limited basketball teaching classes to colleges and universities, the opportunities and frequency of teacher-student interaction can be improved, the way students learn can be changed, and personalized learning can be realized. However, there exist certain problems in the application of online-offline interactive teaching method in college basketball teaching. A lot of college basketball teachers' educational software tools are below standard, which affects the quality of online education. To facilitate the effective application and promotion of online-offline interactive teaching mode in college basketball education, this paper proposes a feasible strategy to promote the effective application of online-offline interactive teaching mode.


Online-Offline; Basketball; Interaction Application Research