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Studies On College Physical Education Online-Offline Blended Teaching Mode

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001553


Xi’ang Shen

Corresponding Author

Xi’ang Shen


With the rapid development of society and the implementation of quality-oriented education reform in current education circles, colleges and universities should focus on improving students’ comprehensive quality. Students’ physical fitness can greatly help enhance their personal comprehensive quality. However, viewing the current teaching work of physical education curriculum in colleges and universities, current teaching methods of physical education in colleges and universities are single, which cannot meet the requirements of improving students' physical quality. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct online-offline blended teaching mode for college physical education in combination with modern technologies, spare efforts to cultivate students' good physical quality and enhance students' personal comprehensive ability through physical education courses. When adopting online-offline blended teaching mode of college physical education, it is necessary to pay attention to cultivating the information teaching ability of college physical education teachers, which can effectively guarantee the realization of college physical education online-offline blended teaching mode.


Colleges And Universities; Physical Education Curriculum; Online-Offline; Blended Teaching;