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A Positioning And Tracking System For Intelligent Robot

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001556


Zhoulin Chang, Tianyu Ye, Zixie Lu, Zongying Wu, Hanhong Tan, and Fu Mo

Corresponding Author

Zhoulin Chang


In order to ensure the accuracy of reconstruction robot can meet the standard, at the same time, it can show the trend of stability and lifting. With the aid of a high precision optical positioning tracker, the scientific error analysis for the positioning accuracy of the robot system is carried out, and the error of the structural parameters and motion variables is scientifically analyzed. The positive kinematic model reflects the actual structural parameters of the robot to ensure that the accuracy of the joint transmission is more reliable. Through inverse kinematics of robot inverse kinematics, the angle is solved, thus the error compensation can be carried out gradually, and the precision of the positioning datum can be improved gradually. It is proved that the basic method mentioned above can improve the positioning accuracy of the reconstruction robot.


Positioning System; Tracking System; Intelligent Robot; Transmission Error