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Digital Protection And Innovative Development Of "Big Data +" Chinese Calligraphy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001557


Weicheng Gu, Liang Yan

Corresponding Author

Liang Yan


Calligraphy big data is the only way for the sustainable development of traditional calligraphy in the information age in the future. With the powerful analysis and storage function of big data, calligraphy is effectively protected and deeply mined. A series of digital information systems, such as calligraphy big database, calligraphy online communication platform and calligraphy online evaluation system, are established. Through the Internet of things, cloud computing and other means to develop the cultural value, scientific value, historical value and emotional value of calligraphy. In 1980, Alvin Toffler, a famous American futurist, futurist and social thinker, put forward the concept of "big data" for the first time in his book the third ware. However, after the concept of big data was proposed in the 1980s, it did not cause great repercussions in the society or even attracted people's attention. With the continuous development of society, human beings have entered the "information age". One of the hallmarks of the information age is the explosive growth of information with the help of the fifth media Internet technology. In 2001, Doug Laney, an analyst of meta group, proposed the "3vs" (velocity, vairety and volume) model to describe the characteristics of data. Later, with the continuous growth of data, international research institutions such as Garten, IDC and other institutions put forward the views of 4Vs, 5vs and 6VS on the basis of 3vs, that is, adding the views of vearchy, visualization and validity. Big data, which is different from the traditional data, combines with the Internet of things, cloud computing and other emerging technologies, has been widely used in the Internet, finance, telecommunications, government, medical care, transportation, logistics, agriculture and other industries, and has realized the efficient and reuse of data, and developed the space of human self-potential. As a cultural treasure of our country and even the whole world, calligraphy art is an opportunity to integrate into the development of the times for the calligraphy art as a traditional culture of thousands of years under the global opportunities and challenges brought by the impact of big data. However, it is very necessary to think about how to make calligraphy art catch the fast train of big data development. On the premise of protecting traditional calligraphy art resources, it is very necessary to think about how to make calligraphy art radiate vitality in the era of big data.


Calligraphy; Big Data; Protection; Innovation