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Construction And Application Of Chinese-English Parallel Corpus Of Jiangxi Provincial Museum Texts Under The Belt And Road Initiative

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001564


Chunlian Liu

Corresponding Author

Chunlian Liu


Museums are one of the important carriers for inheriting the historical and cultural heritage of mankind, and the translation quality of their commentaries will directly affect the perception of local history and culture by international tourists. Based on the current situation of the English translation of commentary materials in Jiangxi Provincial Museum, this article focuses on the design and construction of the English-Chinese parallel corpus of Jiangxi Provincial Museum texts, and further points out the application of the corpus and the areas for improvement, which will improve the translation quality of Jiangxi Provincial Museum's commentary. It is of great significance to enhance Jiangxi’s international image.


Parallel Corpus; Jiangxi Province; Museum Texts; The Belt And Road Initiative