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A Post-Colonial Reading Of Isable Allende’s Daughter Of Fortune

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001567


Zong Li

Corresponding Author

Zong Li


Been mostly analyzed within the framework of Feminism, gender-related issue or magic reality, Isable Allende, has been regarded as a woman writer who seeks to establish the mode of female survival in a patriarchal Latin America. While The House of Spirits was mostly explored by the literary critics, this paper discusses Daughter of Fortune, the less analyzed novel through perspectives of post-colonialism, since the writer is politically exiled from Chile which used to be colonized. Elaborating on certain critical concepts from post-colonialism, particularly Homi Bhabha’s theory of hybridity and the transculturation proposed by Fernando Ortiz and Angel Rama, the paper explores cultural identity crisis, displacement and orientalism by scrutinizing the protagonist, Eliza’s struggle in the Victorian Era and California Gold rush in the novel.


Post-Colonial; Interculturation; Displacement; Orientalism