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Analysis On The Current Situation And Causes Of Rural Education In The Context Of Rural Revitalization Based On The Empirical Study Of Three Villages In Sichuan Province

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001571


Zeng Li, Xiao Yun , and Duan Rong

Corresponding Author

Zeng Li


This paper is taken three typical villages in Sichuan Province as the research objects, and uses empirical research methods such as questionnaire survey and field visits. It gets a certain understanding of the current situation for rural education and the reasons for the differences of the three villages. China's compulsory education system and “9+3” free education in Sichuan have improved villagers' educational level. The improvement of rural education level is closely related to the rural economic and social development level. It can be foreseen that the Rural Revitalization strategy has a far-reaching impact on the rural education.


Current Situation; Causes; Rural Education; Rural Revitalization; Sichuan Province