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Research On The Incentive Effect Of Government Tax Preference On Independent Innovation Of Emerging Enterprises

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001578


Furui Pang

Corresponding Author

Furui Pang


Currently, emerging industries are gradually becoming the leading force to promote the transformation of China’s industrial structure, and independent innovation is the driving force for the development of emerging industries. For the government, it has become an important policy to stimulate the independent innovation of emerging enterprises. Appropriate financial and tax incentive tools can make up for the loss brought by the externality of independent innovation to a certain extent, while reducing the risk of innovation activities and the cost of innovation. But whether these tax preferences can promote the independent innovation of enterprises, and what kind of preferential policies can have a better incentive effect? To explore these issues, in this paper, empirical analysis method is used to build a relationship model to study the incentive effect of tax incentives on independent innovation of enterprises, so as to provide reference for the formulation of government incentive policies. The regression analysis shows that, tax incentives can not only promote the innovation investment of strategic emerging enterprises, but also encourage them to develop more achievements and improve innovation efficiency.


Tax Preference; Incentive Effect; Independent Innovation; Emerging Enterprise