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Research On The Development Of Ecological Leisure Tourism In Laiwu Xuanye Scenic Spot

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001580


Dongmei Zhang, Hui Wang, Shuying Geng

Corresponding Author

Hui Wang


In recent years, ecological tourism has become an indispensable industry in the economic development of many places. Relying on the advantages of resources and ecology, Laiwu Xuanye Tourism District strives to build a leisure tourism resort with multiple functions such as leisure, tourism, conference and sports. But in the process of development, there are many problems. Therefore, this paper takes Laiwu Snow wild tourism area as the research object, through analyzing the development status, discusses the opportunities and challenges, and puts forward the development countermeasures. At present, tourism is playing an increasingly important role in national life and has gradually become an important economic sector of the country. Eco-tourism has made great breakthroughs and has become an indispensable industry in much local economic development. The attraction of eco-tourism is to attract tourists with unique ecological environment, which is an ecological experience to implement the concept of sustainable development. The greatest pursuit of leisure tourism is happiness, health and harmony, and its ultimate focus is spiritual. The close combination of the two is undoubtedly the higher level of eco-tourism. Ecological leisure tourism can satisfy mankind’s constant pursuit of life quality and help to protect the original forms of biology and human beings. Under the tide of ecological leisure tourism, many places have innovated their own way of tourism. For example, fuzhou innovatively launched the “National forest Park” ecological leisure tourism, langfang is also carrying out the construction of ecological leisure tourism characteristics, ecological leisure tourism is increasingly valued.


Ecological Leisure Tourism; Snow Wild Tourism Area; Development Countermeasures