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Study On Ecological Restoration And Tourism Development Model Of Abandoned Mines In Taishan Region

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001581


Weijun Zhao, Tingting Yan and Peili Wang

Corresponding Author

Weijun Zhao


In China, the urban development relying on mineral resources is gradually eliminated, and the number of abandoned mines is also increasing. Therefore, the study of mine ecological restoration and tourism development mode has become one of the issues of general concern in the society. Based on taishan area as the research object of abandoned lands of mines, using the methods of literature analysis, investigation and study, according to the type, characteristics, distribution of abandoned lands of mines corresponding ecological restoration research and tourism development mode, as tai shan area and other areas of ecological restoration of abandoned lands of mines and provides the basis for tourism development.


Abandoned Mines; Ecological Restoration Model; Tourism Development Mode; Taishan Area