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How to Integrate Moral Education in Music Appreciation Class in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001770


Li Wang

Corresponding Author

Li Wang


Abstract: To carry out music appreciation course in higher vocational colleges is one of the important ways in education that is indispensable for shaping and cultivating talents, and it is also an important content that cannot be ignored in carrying out quality-oriented education. In the music curriculum that contains the profound humanities, aesthetic, moral content can not only enrich the connotation of school teaching, but also stimulate students' thinking, enlighten the soul, edify sentiment and the wills. Nowadays, with the reform of quality education, moral education is required to be permeated into the mainstream course and music courses. Especially, as working staffs in music teaching, they are committed to actively improve and cultivate the characters and quality of talents in higher vocational schools. Besides, moral education should be implemented in music teaching activities to constantly foster the characters anbd quality of students so that the students can be characterized with good quality in truth, kindness and beauty. Here, this paper analyzes and summarizes the way to implement moral education in music appreciation classes in higher vocational colleges. As early as in ancient times, the importance of music in the cultivation of morality has been deeply rooted in people's minds. The six arts meticulously imparted by Confucius, that are, "rites, music, archery, imperial teaching, calligraphy, and mathematics" and the view that "there is no better means than music to transform the tradition" are exactly the embodiment of social function of music and its significance in education[1].The "March of the Volunteers" composed in the later stage expressed the difficulties and indomitable spirit of the Chinese nation in defeating Japanese imperialism. Such excellent musical works can not only touch people's hearts, enhance their thinking potential, develop their intelligence and cultivate their character in the process of appreciation, but also play a special role and shows positive significance in education.


Keywords: Higher Vocational Colleges; Music Appreciation Class; Permeation of Moral Education