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A Contrastive Study of Lingnan Poetry School's based on the Heroic and Light Poetry Style

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001775


Haiyan Chen

Corresponding Author

Haiyan Chen


Abstract: The Lingnan School of Poetry, is a representative and local poetry school in the Chinese poetry world and has a unique style of its own. Whether it interprets the straightforward poetic and the light poetic style, but the reasons behind it all are extremely diverse. Confiding to the impression of geographical, humanistic and other factors, the different poetic styles of different forms have gradually formed in various periods of history, and a series of discussions have been initiated which are the basis of combining with the historical documents, so this article separately analyzes the historical background of the Lingnan poetry style and the light poetry style, and also analyzes the background factors and differences of their formation, and also their creative style and expression form. Carrying out a joint investigation is of great significance to the research and inheritance of Lingnan literature.


Keywords: Lingnan School of Poetry; Xiongzhi Poetic Style; Light Poetic Style; Formation; Comparison