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Construction and Practice of Dynamic English Classroom in Higher Vocational Schools Based on Ideological and Political Curriculum

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001845


Rui Feng

Corresponding Author

Rui Feng


Abstract: The curriculum based education in ideology and politics serves as the key for realization of the goal of moral education on higher education in China, which is also the key element to construct the whole process, all-around and multi-level moral education model. The goal of political teaching is to integrate all kinds of courses with teaching contents in politics in an organic manner and pay a full part of the educational role inherent in the course. To construct a "big politics" teaching model centering on students' learning and development, and to excavate the education resources of English in ideology and politics in higher vocational schools from the perspective of course ideology and politics are imperative, to promote the reform in English teaching in higher vocational schools. This article briefly describes the obstacles in development of dynamic English classroom in higher vocational schools with curriculum in ideology and politics, as well as the countermeasures to solve these problems, such as "interactive and integrated teaching for dissemination of ideology and politics in education "strengthening after-class tutoring, the construction of the second class" and so on.


Keyword: Curriculum in Ideology and Politics; Vocational English; Dynamic Classroom