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On Strengthening Patriotism Education in the New Period

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001856


Guozheng Xu and Wencheng Liu

Corresponding Author

Guozheng Xu


Abstract: At present, there are some problems in patriotism education, such as one-sided understanding of patriotism, fuzziness of patriotism standard, separation of patriotism knowledge and practice. These problems have profound social environment and other impacts, such as the challenges brought by economic globalization. The effectiveness of traditional patriotism education is not strong, the understanding of history and traditional culture is insufficient, and the related theory of the party is not deeply studied. Patriotism education in the new era is a systematic project, which requires the cooperation of the state, social organizations, schools at all levels and family education to give full play to the best joint efforts. In view of the problems and the causes, this paper puts forward that the national government should do a good job in the top-level design and improve the systematic construction of patriotism education; the social organizations should work together to guarantee and meet the diversified needs of patriotism education; all kinds of schools should play the main role in cultivating young people's correct patriotism; pay attention to the role of family sowing and integrate patriotism education into family education Suggestions and measures.


Keyword: New Era; Patriotic Education; Youth