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The Application of Traditional Ink Painting in the Field of Chinese Contemporary Art

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001862


Qiaolu Zhang and Hua Shen

Corresponding Author

Hua Shen


Abstract: Ink painting is a form of expression of traditional Chinese painting art. After more than one thousand years of development and precipitation, it has already formed mature painting techniques and ways of presentation. The appearance of the art of traditional ink painting had the very big development space, and with the continuous development of era, the Internet started to saturated with every aspect of human life, this is referred to as "the fourth media" network has gradually become a habit of life, and influenced the modern society, on the basis of information dissemination, art form is also becoming a variety, many fields of contemporary art have sprung up to the flock. The method of combining traditional Chinese ink painting with the field of contemporary art is obviously a good starting point, so that the traditional culture can be more convenient to show in the life of the public and improve people's quality of life.


Keyword: Ink Painting; Contemporary Art; Installation Art; Internet Media; Life Aesthetics