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Viewing the Environment and Service System Framework Patten of Natural Health Resorts from Bad Wörishofen

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001913


Xiaobo Wang, Liming Wang and Yang Song

Corresponding Author

Xiaobo Wang


Abstract: In the era of ecology and health, China has ushered in a boom in the health care industry: Bad Wörishofen has an important position in this field: Bad Wörishofen, as a model of natural health resorts, has distinctive healthy features in the structure of its environment and service system: The urban facilities and landscape facilities in the environment all express Kneipp's health views and provide a rich hardware environment for people's recuperation needs: The service system has ample professionals, diverse activity routes, and plentiful health products, which constitute the software for the continuous prosperity of the town: This framework patten has important reference value for the development of China's health care industry:


Keywords: Bad Wörishofen; Natural Health Resort; Forest Therapy; Health and Wellness