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Discussion on the Innovation in Development Path of Education in Ideology and Politics in the Network Era in Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001840


Yan Cui

Corresponding Author

Yan Cui


Abstract: As the emergence of the Internet era, the education industry has also embraced new opportunities and challenges. The way to improve efficiency in teaching and the way to broaden resource channel in Internet era serves as an important research direction of innovative education in ideology and politics innovation in higher educational institutions in the new era. Education in ideology and politics has significant meaning in teaching in promoting student's values, outlool of world, and the outlook on life and so on. Taking traditional teaching into consideration, there h is still a certain deficiencies, such as the way of teaching of teachers should be improved, teaching curriculum needs to be perfected. Based on this, we should actively follow the tendency, and make application of Internet technology widely accepted in education in ideology and politics in higher educational institutions.


Keyword: In Internet Era; Education in Ideology and Politics in Higher Educational Institutions; Innovative Development Strategy