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Innovative Research on the Construction Method of “Curriculum Ideological and Political Education” for Nursing Professional Course in Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001893


Shuguo Wang

Corresponding Author

Shuguo Wang


Abstract: To strengthen the ideological and political construction of courses, make all courses and ideological and political courses lead to the same profession, and form a synergistic effect is an important measure to solve the problem of "cultivating people for whom, what people and how to cultivate people" : There are some problems in the implementation of Ideological and political courses in higher vocational colleges, such as unclear implementation concept, unclear principle, single carrier, lack of teaching mode and imperfect security system: In view of the existing problems, this paper puts forward corresponding solutions to provide reference for the construction of“Curriculum ideological and Political Education” of nursing specialty in higher vocational colleges:


Keywords: Vocational Colleges; Nursing Profession; Curriculum Ideological and Political Education; Innovative Research on the Construction Method