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Deeply Understanding the Scientific Connotation of "Nine Insists" and Implementing the Fundamental Task of Moral Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001910


Shuang Guo

Corresponding Author

Shuang Guo


Abstract: At the National Education Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the "Nine Insists", which is a deepening understanding of the law of China's education: The distinctive feature of this judgment is to emphasize the Party's overall leadership over education, adhere to the socialist direction of running schools, and insist on moral education as the fundamental task: Colleges and universities are the important fronts of talent training and the intellectual as well as talent highlands to realize the great rejuvenation of China: It is significant for them to deeply understand the scientific connotation of the "Nine Insists" and construct the ideological and political pattern of "moral education" and "three comprehensive education":


Keywords: Colleges and universities, Nine Insists, Moral education