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On the Essence of ‘the Rule of China’ Based on Two Kinds of ‘the End of History’

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001922


Lufei Song and huimin Yang

Corresponding Author

Lufei Song


Abstract: It has been nearly 30 years since Francis Fukuyama put forward the theory of ‘the end of history’: During this period, Fukuyama also expressed dissatisfaction with the political decline of the United States: However, Fukuyama trapped in the framework of ‘the end of history’,cannot understand the ‘China model’ which represents the new direction of socialist development: And he still adhered to the basic idea that history would end in freedom and democracy: In fact, Fukuyama's theory of ‘the end of history’ has become a farce: Oliver Stuenkel specifically discusses a series of successful measures of ‘the rule of china’ in his book Post-Western World: How Emerging Powers Are Remaking Global Order: Unfortunately, Stuenkel stopped at the external form of ‘the rule of china’ and did not go deep into the essence of it: ‘The rule of China’ should adhere to the people-centered principle, completely surpass the theory of ‘the end of history’ from two aspects of the theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics: Further, it is important to lead the world trend by building ‘a Community of Shared Future for Mankind’:


Keywords: Francis Fukuyama; the End of History; Oliver Stuenkel; the Rule of China