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Analysis of Ancient Chinese Outdoor Furniture and a Case Study of Modern Outdoor Furniture

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001977


Xiaopei Cui, Xiaohai Cui and Manman Zheng

Corresponding Author

Xiaopei Cui


Abstract: Outdoor furniture is an important part of human outdoor activities. Through Chinese archaeological excavations and existing books, murals and other materials, it is found that outdoor furniture appeared in the early days of human society in China. This article is based on the understanding of the development of ancient Chinese outdoor furniture, and created the outdoor furniture work "Landscape Stream". This work expresses the author’s understanding of traditional culture, and tries to learn from the past. How to apply traditional culture in modern design is to try to find a balance in the combination of tradition and modernity, and how to innovate better on the basis of inheriting tradition. How to better express the traditional spirit with modern methods, instead of treating tradition and history as a burden, in order to explore the better and more possibilities of modern furniture design.


Keywords: Ancient Times; Outdoor Furniture; Design