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On the Teaching Reform of Modern Chinese Courses for Chinese Language and Literature Majors

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002010


Junmin Li

Corresponding Author

Junmin Li


Abstract: Chinese language and literature majors has higher requirements for students' cultural literacy. The teaching of modern Chinese course cannot be ignored in the curriculum teaching. Only by earnestly understanding the basic knowledge of modern Chinese language and laying a solid foundation for the language can we learn Chinese language and literature better and improve our professional skills. However, in the current teaching process of modern Chinese courses, there are still problems such as poor teaching level, outdated teaching methods, and unscientific teaching content, which seriously affects the teaching of this course and is not conducive to improving professional quality. In addition, nowadays, with the emergence of the upsurge of learning Chinese, new demands have been put forward for Chinese language and literature majors. Therefore, this paper discusses the new needs of Chinese language and literature majors, and analyzes the existing problems in the teaching of modern Chinese courses and how to improve the current problems.


Keywords: Chinese Language and Literature; Modern Chinese Language; Curriculum Teaching; Reform