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Enlightenment from the Organic Integration of Tao Xingzhi's Life Moral Education Theory, Ideological and Political Course Teaching: Take Fuzhou Preschool Education Collegeas example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002019


Yan Li and Yuanzhou Li

Corresponding Author

Yan Li


Abstract: Under the current background, the theory of quality education has gained more application in teaching. Tao Xingzhi's theory of "life moral education" has been applied and developed more maturely in quality education. In the ideological and political course teaching in colleges and universities, better teaching effects can often be achieved by using the theories related to life moral education in teaching [1]. This paper will take Fuzhou Preschool Education Collegeas an example to elaborate on the importance and measures of the integration of moral education theory, ideological and political course.


Keywords: Tao Xingzhi; Theory of Life Moral Education; Ideological and Political Course Teaching; the Organic Integration; Elightenment