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Chinese Culture to Promote the Development of Sports Etiquette

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000246


Jinghong Wang, ChangchengXin and Wenwu Hu

Corresponding Author

Wenwu Hu


Sports are an important part of human social culture, and sports development is of great significance to promote social progress. Sports etiquette is one of the main forms of civilization, to the attention of the proposed protocol, to strengthen the spread of sports etiquette, plays an important role in China's overall quality promotion, deepen sports participants understanding of sports knowledge and raise their participation in quality, enhance the ability of appreciation of sports, is helpful to establish a good physical environment of civilization. And sports etiquette is the representative of Chinese culture, is an important carrier of Chinese culture transmission. In recent years, China's sports industry is getting increasingly prosperous, but the development of sports etiquette is facing many problems. Combining Chinese culture with sports etiquette is not only conducive to the spread of Chinese culture, but also conducive to the establishment of sports civilization, the formation of a good sports environment and the further development of sports. This paper deeply analyzes the deficiency of the current sports etiquette, and puts forward a better mechanism to integrate sports etiquette with Chinese culture based on the deficiency in the development of sports etiquette.


Chinese Culture; Sports Etiquette; Fusion Mechanism; Development to Promote