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Strategy Study on Ideological and Political Education of Students of Foreign Language Majors of Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000373


Yanhua Zhu

Corresponding Author

Yanhua Zhu


There are differences among different majors for ideological and political education work of universities, influenced by language culture and learning environment, students of foreign language majors are unique in ideological and political education. Therefore, there should be special ways and means for carrying out ideological and political education work in students of foreign language majors. Aimed at analyzing special situations of students of foreign language majors, this paper puts forward proposals and countermeasures, such as strengthening mental health education, creating a circumstance of traditional culture, integrating specialized courses with common courses, assisting develop career planning, making full use of internet, and etc. to make a contribution to the development of ideological and political education of foreign language majors.


college; foreign language major; ideological and political; uniqueness