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Immersion and Practice of Chinese Traditional Culture in Higher Vocational Humanistic Quality Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000375


Hua Chen

Corresponding Author

Hua Chen


In the long corridor of history, the Chinese nation has written a splendid civilization and left countless cultural treasures. Higher vocational colleges shoulder the responsibility of teaching and educating, preserving and developing the traditional culture. General secretary xi jinping has said that the revitalization of the country and the nation should be based on the prosperity of culture. Chinese excellent traditional culture has a strong guiding and educational effect on the formation of students' ideology in the world outlook, values and outlook on life. This article in view of the Chinese excellent traditional culture and higher vocational humanistic quality education how to carry on the analysis, combined with the STS and support theory, on the basis of understanding the development of vocational humanistic quality education, the narrative of Chinese excellent traditional culture of great value, and the significance of vocational humanistic quality education integration, then puts forward the Chinese excellent traditional culture and an effective way of humanism quality education in higher vocational fusion, including the renewal education idea, strengthening the construction of education team strength, reshape the curriculum system, using the modern education technology and resources to create new media platforms such as traditional culture, The aim is to give full play to the influence of Chinese traditional culture in the process of carrying out humanistic quality education in higher vocational colleges.


Traditional Culture; STS Theory; Support Theory; Quality Education