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Path of Doctoral Application in Private Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000453


Fangchun Chi and Fuqiang Tian

Corresponding Author

Fuqiang Tian


China's higher education is compatible with the American-English model and the Japanese model, and belongs to the third mode, that is, the Chinese model of coordinated development of public and private higher education. Among them, the private sector is far less inferior to the polarization stage of public colleges and universities, narrowing the gap between private and public universities, and the stage of double-peak and private-run colleges and universities that go hand-in-hand with the private colleges and universities. Private universities face a major opportunity to apply for a doctoral degree. The application for doctoral programs in private universities can adopt the strategy of backwaters, the strategy of cost, the strategy of extraordinary development, the strategy of eclecticism, the strategy of achieving the strategy and the priority of scientific research


Path; Private University; Research ability; Doctoral Application